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Life Organized : More Bonuses

Bonus Favorite Apps Frequently Asked Questions If you are just joining Life Organized, welcome! We are so excited to have you join us. This method of getting organized is truly a life changing experience. The first place to start is in the Welcome module. You’ll watch a quick video and [...]

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Week 6: Organize Your Self

Training Coaching Week 6 Bonus What We'll Cover How to create a life you love by implementing action steps into existing routines. Find the time to do the things you love, avoid guilt, and know where to start. How to create a vision [...]

Week 6: Organize Your Self2019-10-11T22:38:44+00:00

Week 5: Organize Your Time

Training Coaching Week 5 Bonus What We'll Cover How to get more done. How to overcome procrastination and feel more motivated. This Week's Action Steps Watch or listen to the Week 5 Organize Your Week training. Schedule a time for weekly [...]

Week 5: Organize Your Time2019-11-16T16:22:50+00:00

Week 4: Organize Your Paper

Training Coaching Week 4 Action Bonus Week 4 Bonus Freedom Filer What We'll Cover The Happy Gal Paper Organizing system. Important coaching to help you keep progressing. A bonus training to help you create an action file. An additional bonus [...]

Week 4: Organize Your Paper2019-10-11T22:39:52+00:00

Week 3: Organize Your Stuff

Training Coaching What We'll Cover Learn the CREATE system of organizing a space. How to let go of clutter when organizing a space. This Week's Action Steps Watch or listen to the Week 3 Training and Coaching sessions. Select an organizing project that will [...]

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Week 2: Organize Your Week

Training Coaching Week 2 Bonus Grocery Shopping Week 2 Bonus Cleaning Week 2 Bonus Laundry Week 2 Bonus Menu Planning What We'll Cover Why routines are the secret sauce to managing regular tasks. How [...]

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Week 1: Organize Your Day

Training 1 Training 2 Training 3 Coaching What We'll Cover Clutter Busters Close the Day Open the Day Your Insurance Policy to help you stay organized. This Week's Action Steps After listening to Training 1, do a daily [...]

Week 1: Organize Your Day2019-09-11T16:49:58+00:00

Life Organized : Welcome

Printable Resources Download and Print All Life Organized Documents Download and Print Life Organized Roadmap Or Download Just The "Welcome" Documents Below. Recommended Products Welcome Video Summary What We’ll Cover Overview of the program Success Tips 2 Core Coaching Tools: Done is Better than Perfect & Just [...]

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Get Organized Bootcamp : Day 8 Bonus

Printable Resources CLICK HERE for the Day 8 Summary (Optional) What We'll Cover The Art of Celebrating How to train your brain to celebrate Today's Action Steps Daily Routine: Open the Day (add personal statements) Morning Routine (with Clutter Busters if desired) Close the Day (add personal [...]

Get Organized Bootcamp : Day 8 Bonus2019-10-13T04:38:57+00:00


You’ve always wished you had a professional organizer for a best friend, and now you do. I’m serious! I am here for YOU. Together we will find the places in your life where you feel stuck and figure out some fun ways to get you where you want to be.

Are you tired of all the clutter?

Would you like a place for everything, and everything in it’s place?

Are you surrounded by stacks and stacks of paper?

Can’t find what you need?

Overwhelmed with all you have to do?

And have you lost yourself and your life in all of the craziness?

I get it. I’ve spent a lot of years trying to figure all of this out. I’ve worked with experts, counselors, coaches, and therapists; listened to podcasts; attended conferences and trainings; read countless books and blogs; and certified as an expert…

…All this so I can save you the time and pain of figuring it out yourself.

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